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The following are the new characters presented in "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes"

 New characters in the movie "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" This month 20th Century Studios brings back the story of one of its popular franchises in the film "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes." The film continues the story of the "Planet of the Apes" trilogy about how a virus can make a species of apes develop and eventually dominate the world. Set decades after Caesar's reign, "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" will introduce new characters and stories at a time when humans live in the shadows and the ape species must confront a tyrannical leader who seeks to build a new kingdom. The following are the new characters presented in "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes" according to Disney Indonesia's press release on Thursday (2/5). Noa (Owen Teague) Noa is a young ape from the Eagle clan who must fight to overthrow the tyrannical leader who controls the ape species. Noa, who was previously forbidden to learn about the outsi

Get to know Kang's flagship android in the Marvel Universe

 When talking about the big bad Marvel villain, some fans will immediately remember Kang the Conqueror. Especially in the MCU cinema universe, Kang from actor Jonathan Majors is certain to become the new big bad in the Multiverse Saga that is currently underway. As we know, Kang himself is actually not a famous villain because of his physical strength, but because of the advanced technology and weaponry he has. Did you know that of all the technologies, Kang really likes his flagship stimuloid, where this 'android stimulant' called Growing Man often makes Marvel superheroes feel overwhelmed.

Android as well as Kang's Mainstay Weapon

First told in the comic Thor #140 (1967) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Growing Man was initially seen as a small doll or mysterious action figure found by a museum expeditionist. When the experts tried to hand him over to the police, according to Kang the Conqueror's plan, Growing Man immediately activated himself to fight Thor. Where the android that started out small turned out to be able to continue to grow every time it was hit by Thor's attack.

Before the God of Thunder actually defeated him, Kang first brought Growing Man back to his base through a dimensional rift that appeared due to Thor's Mjolnir power. The reason why Growing Man can continue to grow when hit by his opponent's attacks is because he is actually a stimuloid created by the alien Cosmos, which can continuously absorb attacks by his opponents and then convert his energy into molecules that form the structure of his body.

After Growing Man's first appearance, Kang also returned to using this android as well as his flagship weapon to kidnap Iron Man in the hospital, until finally the Avengers gathered to defeat Growing Man. Again according to his plan, Kang's appearance of Growing Man was actually done on purpose so he could kidnap all the Avengers members and then use them in a cosmic match against Grandmaster.

In another Marvel story, Kang once again activated Growing Man in downtown New York to lure the Avengers, this time assisted by the Fanstastic Four. Long story short, the superheroes finally managed to work together to defeat Growing Man, of course with sacrifices and struggles that were not easy. Based on all this history it's pretty clear that Kang did rely heavily on Growing Man when he was in action. This can happen because Growing Man has proven to be not easy to beat, even by the Avengers.

His strength can continue to grow

As a stimuloid, Growing Man can absorb any powerful attack aimed at him and feel absolutely no pain from the attack. Instead, he could instead turn his attacks into energy which instantly enlarged his body. So the bigger the attack he received, the bigger Growing Man's body size. What's even more amazing, when the size increases, the strength and endurance of the Growing Man's body will also increase as well. That's why Growing Man is so hard to beat because it keeps getting stronger.

Meanwhile, in terms of intelligence, Growing Man is not as smart as Vision or other androids who can act on their own, but basically he is very obedient to Kang. So it can be concluded that every goal and action of Growing Man in the Marvel Universe, all come from a villain as intelligent as Kang. In addition to aspects of strength and intelligence, the latest version of Growing Man is also shown to have developed new powers. Where he can issue a smaller clone after being hit by an opponent's attack. This makes Growing Man even more threatening in the Marvel Universe.

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