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5 Films With Ambiguous Endings

 Some film titles have unique endings or endings, even those endings make the audience ambiguous. In a film, usually the final story or ending will be one of the moments that the audience has been waiting for. They look forward to what happens to the characters after all the conflicts are over. Do they leave, start a new life, and so on.

Not infrequently the ending of the film is also awaited to find out what will happen in the next film or whether there will be a continuation of the story. Even so, it turns out that there are also several film titles that actually have a confusing ending. In fact, it's not just confusing, the ending of the film is actually ambiguous or makes the audience misunderstand. What are the films?

Citizen Kane – 1941

Citizen Kane is considered one of the best and most influential film titles in the film industry. This film by Orson Welles has survived as the best for 80 years and is considered the pinnacle of the big screen. However, one thing that makes this film a topic of conversation is the meaning of the final scene of the film. The ending of the film left fans confused.

After Kane's death, he then raided Xanadu's house and much of the objects inside were destroyed. There is a mystery that arises where there is the word 'Rosebud' which is then forgotten. Then, the audience was shown Kane's sleigh which had 'Rosebud' written on it. What makes the fans confused is what does all that mean? Some think that the sled and the words 'Rosebud' have something to do with Kane's past story. Some also think that this is related to the death of their child.

Inception – 2010

It doesn't seem strange that a film produced by Christopher Nolan is able to make the audience think hard, especially the films he produced several years ago such as Inception. The film managed to make the audience scratch their heads with the film's ambiguous ending. In the film, it is shown how Cobb and his crew managed to carry out the last mission.

However, it was later shown when Cobb's totem was still spinning. Is it really real or just a dream? Nolan himself once said in this regard in an interview, that he felt Cobb had found his way home. However, whether it is really Cobb's house or not is all up to the interpretation of the audience which makes the ending of this film ambiguous.

The Greys – 2011

Liam Neeson is one of those amazing action movie actors where he delivers a lot of dangerous scenes. One of them is when he fights against a wolf in the film The Gray. The ending of the film shows John Ottway in the wolf's den after he accidentally brings himself and his team into the wolf's den.

As a result of that, John and his team had to deal with the wolf pack that was there. As he readied his weapon for the brutal battle against the wolves, the screen then turned black. We never know what happened next, whether they actually fought or not. The only hint of this is that at the end of the credits it is shown that John and the wolf he is facing both fall down.

The Searchers – 1954

The Searchers film tells the story of Ethan Edwards, a former soldier in the American civil war. He has to work with his niece to find his niece who went missing after the Indian attack on their home. After years of searching, they finally found Debbie. They then went home.

However, an ambiguous moment in the film appears in the ending when Ethan Edward manages to return home with his nephew and Debbie. When the rest of the family brought Debbie and Ethan's nephew into the house, Ethan stayed outside. What happened to Ethan Edwards made the audience curious. It was speculated that Ethan felt that he did not belong there. His soul felt empty after what happened before.

The Shining – 1980

The Shining is a very popular film, even now. This film has even been considered a part of popular culture. The film The Shining is closely related to two things; namely the madness and brutality of Jack Nicholson and also what appears at the end of the film. The ending shows Jack Torrance disappearing in a snowstorm and finally being left to die by his son, Danny.

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