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Xem phim ― Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới (2024) FULL HD Vietsub Thuyết Minh HD 1080p

 Xem Phim 【Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới】 (2024) Vietsub Thuyết Minh Trọn Bộ. Phim Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới (2024) Vietsub HD 1080p - 720p. XEM PHIM!! 【Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới】 Tôi Có Thể Xem Trọn Bộ Phim Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới Việt Sub Chất Lượng HD Ở Đâu➛⁉... Xem phim [Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới] (2024) FULL HD Vietsub + Thuyết Minh Xem Phim Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới (2024) Full HD Vietsub Miễn Phí Online, Xem Phim Godzilla x Kong: Đế Chế Mới Vietsub + Thuyết Minh Full HD Sau đây là đánh giá, Quảng cáo phát hành và nghệ sĩ của bộ phim: Godzilla x Kong: Đế chế mới (tên tiếng Anh: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire) là bộ phim điện ảnh Hoa Kỳ thuộc thể loại quái vật ra mắt năm 2024 được đạo diễn bởi Adam Wingard. Phim do hãng Legendary Pictures và Warner Bros. Pictures phân phối. Đây là phần hậu truyện của Godzilla đại chiến Kong (2021), là tác phẩm thứ 7 và bộ phim điện thứ 5 trong loạt phim thuộc vũ trụ điện ảnh MonsterVerse. Ngoài ra, đây cũng là bộ phim thứ 38 của chuỗi p

One Piece: Shaka Reveals a Traitor

 One of Vegapunk's satellites, Shaka, finally reveals who the traitor on Egghead Island is in the latest chapter of One Piece manga. According to Shaka, the possibility is that the traitor is one of them. In chapter 1074 yesterday, we saw how Pythagoras had to suffer bad luck where he was hit by an unexpected explosion in a corner of the lab.

At that time, Pythagoras was looking for the whereabouts of the real Vegapunk. However, suddenly an explosion appeared that sent Pythagoras flying. Not only that, various other irregularities also appeared on Egghead Island such as a defense system that suddenly didn't work. This led to speculation that there was a traitor among them. And in this latest chapter, Shaka finally reveals who the traitor is.

“Vegapunk” Is The Traitor

What's interesting is that Shaka revealed that “Vegapunk” might be the culprit who has done all these terrible things. Chapter 1075 shows how the situation on Egghead Island is getting chaotic with the Seraphim attacking them out of control. Luffy and Zoro even had to leave where they were, because they were attacked by S-Hawk and S-Shark.

On the other hand, York himself was with Lillith, Franky, and Usop, where they met S-Snake. York tries to get close to him, but he is then turned to stone by his strength. S-Snake then tried to attack the others, but luckily they were all able to dodge in time by jumping down.

What's interesting is that after the moment of the explosion where Pythagoras was, all communication systems were cut off. The surveillance camera images suddenly turn off one by one, which then leads Shaka to declare that there is an unknown person in the lab. And then, when Shaka failed to order S-Shark and S-Hawk to stop attacking them he came up with one conclusion.

According to him, the party that later gave the order for the Seraphim to attack them all was probably “Vegapunk” as well. What does Shaka mean? Does it mean that Vegapunk has betrayed Luffy and the others? Or is there actually one of Vegapunk's satellites who is actually a traitor?

Who is "Vegapunk"?

There is still a big question about who is the traitor who has destroyed and damaged everything on Egghead Island. However, what Shaka revealed could be the main clue to finding out who the traitor was, who turned out to be “Vegapunk” too. Was one of the satellites that had appeared the culprit?

It is unlikely that any of the six Vegapunk satellites that have appeared in the story is the traitor Shaka is referring to. They were all divided into four groups and mingled with the Straw Hat crew. If they did something strange like ordering to destroy others, the Straw Hats would already know and be suspicious of it.

One reasonable speculation to answer the question above is the possibility that Oda Sensei is still hiding one other satellite from Vegapunk that may not have been introduced to the fans. So far, Oda has introduced six Vegapunk satellites in his story. Many fans think that the six satellites are inspired by the so-called "Seven Deadly Sins" or "Seven Deadly Sins" of mankind.

Assuming Oda Sensei was indeed inspired by that, it means that it makes sense that there is one other satellite that hasn't been introduced in the story yet. And also the mysterious Vegapunk satellite which could be the figure of "Vegapunk" suspected by Shaka. Shaka's words seemed to be a big clue to this puzzle, which would be very interesting if it was proven.

Another speculation is Caribou, a character who has "boarded" the ship of the Straw Hat crew after the Wano arc. Caribou is indeed known as an opportunist, where he always takes advantage of opportunities for his personal gain. This he did because his level of strength was not too extraordinary. Perhaps, there was some purpose why Caribou did this, such as kidnapping Vegapunk for the benefit of the World Government or other parties.

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